Living Water and Broken Cisterns

Jeremiah 2:13 – For my people have done two evil things: They have forsaken me–the fountain of living water.  And they have dug for themselves cracked cisterns that can hold no water at all! (NLT)

When you read about the exchange the people of God made when they chose to abandon God and turn to worshipping false gods, it almost seems too foolish to believe.  In this verse, God compares this decision with abandoning a fresh fountain of pure living water in exchange for broken cisterns that won’t even hold water.

A cistern is basically a hole in the ground that is normally carved in stone to hold rain water.  However, if the cistern is broken, it simply allows this impure rain water to seep out and be lost.  In reality, it is useless.  God compares this “broken cistern” to Israel’s vain pursuit of false gods.  They have absolutely nothing to provide because they are formed by human hands and minds.  They are worthless idols that will never satisfy the longings of their souls. Continue reading

Is a Thirsty Soul God’s Desire?

Psalm 42:1-2 – As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.  My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.  When shall I come and appear before God? (ESV)

Throughout David’s psalms we read of an inward turmoil.  It honestly borders schizophrenia at times.  He is often tossed to and fro by circumstances.  This wrestling is recorded, I believe, because God knows we often deal with this inner turmoil.

Psalm 42 in particular is one that I believe I have misinterpreted.  As I read verses 1-2 above this morning they were underlined and highlighted in my Bible.  I often have viewed this “panting” and desperate thirst as something truly dedicated followers of Christ possess.  If you are truly committed then your thirst for God should be constant.  However, as I read this psalm in its entirety this morning, I discovered something new. Continue reading