A Great Resource for Parents!

God’s Word, though composed of many different accounts across 66 different books, tells one continuous story about God’s plan of redemption.  Every story points us to Christ and God’s plan of redeeming us.

This is a truth that needs to be instilled in us and our children, and there is no better resource that I have found for our kids than The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones.  The subtitle Every Story Whispers His Name gives a beautiful picture of why it is so powerful.  I originally heard about this book over a year ago and purchased a copy.  It only took a few pages to realize the power this storybook holds.

Like other children’s storybook Bibles, this volume contains all of the stories familiar to your children.  The difference is the way Lloyd-Jones concludes every story by pointing out how Jesus and the redemptive plan can be seen and understood.

We use The Jesus Storybook Bible for our evening devotion times at the dinner table.  We are now reading through for the second time and we can see how our girls are beginning to make the connection between the stories they have heard their entire young lives and God’s great plan. I recently discovered that they have created a curriculum based on the book that can be used to dig deeper in each story with your children.

If you are looking for ideas or resources to use with your kids, I cannot give a higher recommendation.  The Jesus Storybook Bible can be purchased at Lifeway or any on-line retailer.  For more information about the book or the curriculum visit their website by clicking here.

Rest in Jesus!


Faith@Home Launch!

Yesterday marked a special day for Colonial Heights Baptist Church as we launched a new ministry called Faith@Home.  God’s Word is very clear that the home is intended to be the epicenter of spiritual formation.  Passages like Deuteronomy 6, Psalm 78, Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 6:4 and others explain the importance of the home in passing faith in Jesus Christ from one generation to the next.  We also learn from passages like Ephesians 5 that the marriage between a man and woman is meant to be a beautiful picture of Christ and the church.  Therefore it is imperative that marriages are founded on the principles of God’s Word.  Almost everyone would agree that having a strong marriage and children that passionately pursue Christ are wonderful goals for every home.  However, most homes struggle to see this happen consistently. Continue reading